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Yellow "x items selected" box shouldn't push list of tickets down when it appears

Hi! I am using version 4.6.5

When you select a ticket, the yellow "x items selected" box appears, and visually pushes the entire ticket list down so you visually "lose" the item you just clicked on.

To see the problem in action, scroll to the very bottom and select the circle for the very last ticket. Instantly, the ticket gets pushed downward and disappears, so you have to scroll down to see it again.

It's also a problem when I have some tickets selected, then do ctrl-A, ctrl-A to deselect all tickets. The yellow bar that was there goes away, and whatever ticket I was looking at jumps upward.

A minor complaint but it happens all the time. Would it be possible for the view to maintain the position of the bottom ticket, so the entire list doesn't scroll when the yellow box appears?


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  • Mackenzie Thompson commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I've never seen/used that duplicates panel in the footer before, but that looks like it would be a good solution!
    The yellow box itself is useful since it's the only way to see when I have off-screen items selected, and once or twice I've used the up/down arrows to jump to the next selection, but I wouldn't be upset if they had to go away.

    thanks for taking a look!

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