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Support a User Story Map View

User Story Mapping is becoming a very popular way to organize your product backlog: http://www.slideshare.net/nashjain/user-story-mapping

It basically uses a 3 level structure but displays tickets in a vertical layout, as illustrated here:

There are only a few tools that support this online, and only one that is part of JIRA. The market is ripe for a tool that is robust, simple, and flexible. Since Structure already organizes tickets hiearchically, all that would be required would be to create a new view of a Structure, with a possible limit of 3-4 levels. (The Story Map structure only supports 3, but I think it could support 4, by stacking cards on top of each other.)

I believe this would be a very welcome addition to Structure, or even a new Plugin to JIRA to augment a Structure Board. Right now, I am using Structure to accomplish the same objective, but a new view would be highly beneficial.

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Jonathan Blackburn shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →


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  • AdminIgor Sereda (CEO / Founder, ALM Works) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Jonathan,

    Thank you very much for your idea. So if I understood it correctly, what you suggest is a different view (of the same data model) where you would have all issues displayed as cards (say, as in JIRA Agile), and laid out in certain way: top level and 2nd level issues are laid out horizontally to represent the time, 3rd level issues are laid out vertically under their 2nd level parent issues. Is that correct?

    This is an interesting idea but I don't think we'll have the resources to work on it in short term. (This could actually be done by any other developer - Structure provides the necessary data through the API.)

    Kind regards,

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