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Improve the administration (Synchronization Settings) for structures with many syncronizers

We have structures with many syncronizations and have had some problems maintaining them:

1. Fast way of resyncronize ALL syncronization rules for the structure
- In some cases the syncronizations needs to be "Resync"ed.
We have found that for example when a filter syncronizer refer via a 'filter' it doesn't take effect when we change the refered filter. After a forced Resync it works.
JQL query: (project = DEVENVC2JIRA or label = Jira) and filter = "DEVENVC2 - Next month" and status = Assigned
In this case, when we change the "next month", we need to resync. To do a reindex of the database works also, but only a very few persons can do that.

2. Edit the syncronization rules.
Now we have to create a new and remove the old if we want to update it.

3. Show the 'Summary' as complement to only the issue-id
Add matching issues, as sub-issues of DEVENVC2JIRA-896

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Lars Lundegård shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →


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  • AdminIgor Sereda (CEO / Founder, ALM Works) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hello Marc, Kelly,

    Thanks for your support of this feature. Reordering synchronizers is quite tricky. The synchronizers are already complicated beyond our initial expectations, adding reordering would only exacerbate things.

    Theoretically, the order of synchronization shouldn't be important. If you think reordering would help solve some problem, there's a good chance that it would create another problem.

    Instead, in Structure 3.0 we're focusing on a new way to automate structures - dynamic structure content. I'd suggest to wait until 3.0 release (ETA not available yet) and see if it works for you, and we can continue with this feature from there.

    Kind regards,

  • Marc Ballat commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    And to make it even better, I would suggest to be able to change the order of synchronizers.

  • AdminIgor Sereda (CEO / Founder, ALM Works) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Lars, thanks for your suggestion!

    Resync All - I don't think we can do it just like that. The problem is that the order of Resync can be quite important, as the result of resync of one synchronizer may be picked up by another synchronizer as triggering change. We'll give it more thought. For filter sync, we plan to add multi-filter synchronizer, which seems to fit your case well - https://jira.almworks.com/browse/HJ-1136

    Edit synchronizer - planned as https://jira.almworks.com/browse/HJ-880

    Summary besides issue key - I agree it would be better.


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